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  1. A strong person never panics, never dramatizes. They take responsibility for the situation and formulate it for themselves, making it clear and easily solvable. But a weak person will feel sorry for himself, get hysterical, because there will be a mess in his head and it is not clear whether the situation is difficult and how to solve it.

  2. A strong person is just that he will not use force in vain. The greatness of power is not in its application. Therefore, when small fry rush at him, he generally will not do anything to them, much less cripple them, he will perceive it as the barking of a dog carried away by the wind. The weak will react disproportionately, emotionally intensely, or aggressively. Therefore, calmness and equanimity are permanent attributes of the will in balance. When faith loses its balance, it lets loose. By doing this often, it becomes weak and taut like a string, and sooner or later it bursts.

  3. Forces of course. If a person is constantly calm and unperturbed, this does not mean that he does not have any emotions. This means that he is just very good at controlling them in himself. And the one who knows how to control himself, most likely will be able to keep under control and many life situations.

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