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  1. No, they are not. Ultimately, a person's attitude to the world is determined not only by his personal attitudes, but by the objective situation in the world.

    Irony, sarcasm, and cynicism are ways to reflect on such a reality, to realize one's place in it. The presence of this attitude to something in general does not say anything good or bad about a person – it is a given, and besides, it is a consequence.

    Of course, when a person is engaged only in reflection (there are people who answer all or almost all questions sarcastically), this is no longer quite right; but it is wrong in any case, and not because it is irony or a similar “wrong” emotion; a person reflects (positions himself) no longer in reality, but in his own (sometimes random) feelings, thoughts,”references”.

    But usually all of the above is still not destructive for society, society simply does not care about such manifestations of itself as a whole.

  2. I think these are all forms of criticism in different types of presentation. criticism is a healthy response from a developing society. So, I think irony, sarcasm and cynicism as forms of criticism are the engines of progress and help to weed out the weakest links in the chain.

  3. If all these phenomena come from a healthy person, in healthy proportions and to the place, then this only speaks about the health of society. All this becomes destructive if it is uttered clumsily, inappropriately, and only out of a desire to hurt/offend/humiliate.

  4. Completely different phenomena, I think-irony, sarcasm, and cynicism. Cynicism, of course, is destructive, as it develops in society like an avalanche in the presence of ideological support, and changes society. Irony and sarcasm are just devices in the presentation, which are not necessarily cynical, perhaps even vice versa.

  5. Irony, sarcasm, and cynicism are all indicators of a healthy society, because they help identify its shortcomings. Destructive, on the contrary, is the elimination of the “right” manifestations of a person and his character, restrictions, and so on. They only lead to the oppression of the” right “by the “wrong”, to dictatorship and the destruction of society from within.

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