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  1. I think this is normal. I have learned from my own experience that certain circumstances are necessary for a desire to arise. Good nutrition with vitamins, activity, interesting activities, that is-a good mood with: Or a loving snow-beautiful man (or a woman (:)

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  2. I completely agree with the above answer.�

    But as another reason for the lack of desire, you can consider fatigue. If you are too exhausted physically or mentally during the day, you will rather want to go to bed quietly, and not indulge in carnal pleasures.

  3. It just means that something about sex doesn't suit you. You either suppress the desire in yourself or you can't fully open up, relax and have fun. Sex also happens in your head when you open up and give in to your partner. But if you don't like sex anymore, then it's also okay, there are a lot of things you can do. You are not satisfied with something specific in sex, something is missing because you are tired of it. If you constantly do the same thing, you will naturally get tired of everything. Try to diversify

  4. I think this is quite normal. I tried it once, realized that there is nothing enchanting about this forbidden fruit , and this topic is so popular and constantly littered with people just because the average person has nothing else to do, well, don't bother your head that “oh ,I'm probably not like everyone else” – just you can find 1000 and 1 ways to spend your time better.

  5. It just might not be the right partner. The one you need. Someone you will truly love. It seems to me that often people don't want sex if they don't get anything out of it emotionally. The process becomes in a sense immediately useless, mechanical and unnecessary. When you love, experience a lot of emotions, then such a problem does not arise. Most likely, you are just disappointed with someone or something internally. And this process has stopped bringing you joy and you don't need it. It is ok. This will pass over time. When you have some new feelings. After all, sex is still, I believe, we associate with a certain person. If there is a person that we like, that we love, then everything flares up by itself and goes in the right direction, and if we do not have internal feelings, then it may well be that sex is not needed. So don't worry, things will get better over time.

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