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  1. On the contrary, it is good. You think, process information mentally, and look for the best solutions and explanations. And if sometimes, carried away, say the words out loud — it does not matter.

  2. Good afternoon. Speaking your thoughts out loud is not a sign of illness. Many people do this, especially creative people, or people who are prone to introspection. It makes it easier for them to work out a particular situation again.

    For example, I often do this (sometimes without even noticing it) when preparing for lectures, or serious negotiations, or after difficult conflict situations – as if I'm squandering the dialogue from different angles, thinking how best to respond, etc. It makes it easier for me to prepare/understand/formulate for myself.

    If this explanation does not suit you, then look at yourself from the outside: if you are socially successful, you have energy, you are in a good mood, you sleep well – then everything is normal for you. Live in peace))

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