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  1. If you think about it, since childhood we have been advised how to live better, how to study better, and where, with whom to communicate, and with whom not. Let's say an example: a rich girl made friends on the street with a poor girl, she is interested in her, and her parents forbid to communicate. as a result, the girl has a grudge against her parents. It is the same in life, a person works in some field, from morning to night he sits in the office waiting for Friday every single day and vacation which is once a year, works because it is necessary, in childhood and adolescence instilled fear and a person wants to be an artist and earn money from it, but is afraid to take risks.
    And the answer to the question is simple, of course it is better to do what you want, it brings pleasure and inner harmony.

  2. if you think intelligently, then you should make a decision based on the situation. use the Descartes square.

    and so, this is your life, you are responsible for your actions. do only what you think is necessary, because it's up to you to answer.)

  3. Is it better to do what you want or do what you need?

    you need to do what you need, that is, what is right, righteous, true, but by the way you need to want it, otherwise if you do it without an inner desire, it will lead to nothing.

  4. “Freedom is a CONSCIOUS necessity” by Spinoza. If we assume that a person does 80-90 % of his actions from his unconscious, and then lives in the aftermath of his decisions, then it is better to do what is best for you in the long run. Because with a conscious approach to a choice, a decision (at least deliberate, passed through your feelings and your intellect), I want = must (need). If there is a conflict between want and need, you need to deal not with what to do, but with yourself and this discord.

  5. Who needs it? If you are, then depending on your scale, which is better or worse. As an example, let's say you have to go to school in the morning, but you don't want to. If you are better off sleeping, then it is better not to go, if you work out, then go.

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