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  1. For me personally, Game of Thrones is like a cure. I'll watch 10 episodes in one day and feel better. (If anything ,I'll watch it again)

    So I think this is nothing bad for the psyche, only if for vision;)

  2. It is not dangerous for the psyche at all. I watched the War and Peace TV series myself (I recommend it) in one day. But it is dangerous for personal life if it is present

  3. I watch about 5 episodes a day (sometimes more or less), but I'm always busy with something in parallel. Most often I draw or engage in any other creative activity, sometimes I do something around the house, the series goes “background”, but I notice all the plot twists and experiences. There is a personal life, everything is good with the psyche, I have been doing this for 5-7 years. My vision, by the way, has not changed much during this time (as bad as it was, it remains)

  4. Dangerous not for the psyche, but for your vision, if you do not take breaks, but only sit, staring at the computer. As it is, it is only your decision on what to spend your time on. If someone thinks that such viewing can interfere with your socialization, then in my opinion, the causal relationship is reversed: you are not socialized because you watch TV shows, but you watch TV shows because you are not socialized and do not want to communicate with people at this time. And if you have no problems with communication, then at least watch all the TV shows in the universe – it won't get any worse. In the same way, you will not get mad from some TV shows if you did not have any mental problems initially (and if you did, you can get mad from anything).

  5. I sometimes watch it like this, I like it more than one episode at a time, when it comes out once a week and you don't remember what the previous one was about. And so you get used to the story, it's more interesting. If a person with mental health is basically doing well and is aware of what is happening, then what is there to worry about? The main thing is that it does not interfere with life. For example, if a person starts skipping work, doesn't take care of their children, doesn't take care of themselves, and so on. And if the long-awaited weekend after a difficult week, vacation or vacation-then why not watch the series in batches?

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