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  1. It is very difficult to give a clear and concrete answer to this question, since there are so many individual factors, thanks to/despite which everyone tolerates this period in different ways. Recalling my personal experience, I can say with confidence that no, it was not difficult, on the contrary, it was very dynamic, fun and interesting. On the other hand, I have quite a lot of friends for whom this period of life turned out to be insanely difficult, accompanied by periodic depressions and disappointments (which, as I think it is important to note, everyone had, the difference is only in the number and how you reacted to them), and they remember those times as missed opportunities, and feel uncomfortable when people gathered in the company of old friends/comrades/acquaintances with smiles and/or embarrassment remember their violent teenage period, the first alcohol/hangout/sex, because they did not have such bright events at that time, and in their place are dark memories of loneliness or other very unpleasant aspects of their past.

    Summing up, I would like to say that everyone passes this period differently,and there is simply no one-word answer to this question, because everything depends on your upbringing, the presence/absence of support from parents, the “quality” of the company in which you spend your free time,as well as your position within this very company. The main advice is to avoid depression, do not attach such terrible proportions to your “problems” that you attribute to them for one reason or another, and enjoy life.

  2. No. It's terribly difficult – the devil take this youthful maximalism! From extreme to extreme throws, as if from heat to cold and back again. Sometimes I get the impression that the whole teenage reality is a mirror room, where I make faces with all my might, fight with myself, scare myself, make myself laugh, hug myself, love myself… This will pass, I believe and know, but it is quite difficult to live, learn to perceive the world and reality soberly, when today I am a passive bag full of uncertainty, fear of the future, sprawled on the couch, and tomorrow I am an individual striving for actions, events, successes, achievements with my heart open. A teenager is a combination of the incongruous: a desperate fleeting stupidity and a long, gnawing awareness of the consequences of these stupidities, the same fleeting feeling of love, tenderness for the world, for others and absorbing hatred, tears that choke and shout “none of you understand me…” But it is in adolescence that we can become the people we want to live the rest of our lives. So that… as a teenager, first of all, you need to become a skilled ceramic artist, who from his own essence, like clay, will sculpt what he wants to see in the future, what will please his eyes, warm his soul… personality.

  3. In comparison with the adult period-no. When there is no experience, it is difficult to make the right choice.�

    But if you're lucky. Good parents will try to minimize your psychological losses.

  4. You should know this: teenagers who sometimes do absolutely wild things, like 15 people on one “Lada”, are forced to do all this not only by the desire to join a comfortable social group, but also by their merciless brain, or rather, by some biochemical processes that occur at this age. Inadequate assessment of danger, aggressive behavior towards adults and themselves, etc. is inherent in adolescents as a result of incompletely developed frontal lobes of the brain. And this is not a pathology at all, just the natural course of things.
    Thus, at this age, intelligence can be quite enough, but the ability to control yourself is not. And just at this stage of life, there is a whole mountain of complex phenomena: interaction with the opposite sex, with parents, awareness of yourself in the adult world, thoughts about the future and your place in this future. In short, a real war.
    And, probably, I wanted to answer in this way so that some real or future parents would not distance themselves from their children, who at some point turned from affectionate and polite kittens into angular, boorish and incomprehensible people who for some reason close themselves in their room. Right now, they really need acceptance and genuine interest in what's happening to them. Because no, being a teenager isn't easy at all.

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