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  1. If you are both communists, like me and some of my friends, then this is absolutely normal. In other cases, it raises questions. Why not just ask him for the reason?

  2. you should know better why this is happening, because you are like a direct participant and witness to the events, and secondly you should know the motives of your “best friend”/friend. Who knows – maybe he likes this expression and there is no hidden subtext in it, or maybe for some reason he is a little shy in front of others in his relationship with you and, as it were, shows a certain distance in public. In any case, I think it's not so difficult to find out, you just need to “put a microscope on it”, and I can't do that.)

  3. Of course, this would be nice, for example, I like it when they call you directly-friend, acquaintance, girlfriend, etc., it seems to me that when a person calls you so directly, it means either that he is sure that you are his friend, or that he knows nothing about friendship, and is guided not by feelings, but by social criteria for the word “friend”. It is probably better to ask directly than to worry and ask questions to people who do not know the situation well)

  4. Maybe he's too shy to call you a friend because he doesn't know/isn't sure how you feel about him. This does not mean that he does not have friendly feelings for you

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