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  1. It is good to be able to be a principled person.

    It is equally important to be able to be an unprincipled person.

    In other words, effective behavior is always rational. If the situation and your interests require you to be principled or unscrupulous , you should be able to do both. As the old Taoists say, ” the ability not to do is more valuable than the ability to do.” Moreover, there are entire spheres of human activity in which strict adherence to principles can be not only ineffective, but also disastrous – politics, management, medicine, etc.

  2. Yes, good.

    Principles, if they are intelligible, follow from the laws of reality and life, rather than from any desires or beliefs.

    A principled person simply makes life much easier for himself, doing without something like trying to leave on the road with the risk of an accident, when at the next traffic light everyone will again stand in the same places in general. He does without wasting energy, nerves, time, and without risk, both his own and others'.

  3. this is a complex question, and the answer to it is up to everyone to decide for themselves. it seems to me that principles are not bad. they create some kind of framework and rules for conducting life, but from time to time the principles interfere with interaction with other people, as well as with the existing principles of their own life.

  4. What is a “principled person”? This is a person for whom compliance with principles is an end in itself. I don't know if it's good to be such a person, but I try not to deal with such people.

  5. Good or bad-this is an attempt to divide into categories. This is a favorite feature of the human psyche-to make it so that it was folding come on. Simplify your life. This is a natural process of the spirit. Perhaps this is to make it easier for a person to remember information. Is he rational? I don't think so.

    I believe that it is rational and useful to have some flexibility in making decisions. If a person holds on to his principles, even if he himself realizes that they are wrong, this is stupid.
    I've heard it said somewhere-the person who doesn't change his mind is stupid.

    But the human psyche does not just develop internal laws and rules of a person. They are created to help themselves. For example, I have a principle of not going out as soon as it gets dark. I argue that I may be robbed. And this is rational, in fact, I keep myself alive to some extent. On the other hand, other people will think my principle is stupid, and they will also be right. After all, everything is contradictory and relative. And why exactly I developed this principle. Yes, because, for example, it is directly related to my experience. I was repeatedly robbed. That's how it works.

    If we consider the option of an unprincipled subject. In my opinion, this is impossible. Personally, it's hard for me to imagine. In any case, the human spirit (consciousness) will create any rules. It may just be that they will be poorly visible from other people, but this does not mean that they are not there. Maybe a person has a principle – do not create and do not follow the principles.

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