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  1. Adulthood is the freedom to make decisions and choose how to live. But this includes responsibility for your actions, caring for your loved ones (children, parents), and the ability not to shift your tasks to others.

    At any age, there are difficult moments, but there are also advantages.

    It's not easy to be an adult, but it's very interesting.

  2. It's easy to be an adult. In adulthood, you can freely manage your body, time and not pay attention to the opinions of others. The only difficulty is that time passes unnoticed, and with it the possibilities that would seem limitless when you first enter this adulthood.

  3. Depends on how you spend your adult life.

    If in sins, in anger and in ignorance – then it is very difficult.

    And if in the struggle with sin, in the pursuit of good and knowledge, then it is very easy.

  4. In my opinion, at absolutely any age there are difficult moments: kids are completely dependent on their parents, kids can't control their body and speak normally for quite a long time, some people don't count with older children and teenagers, they perceive them as fools who can't have serious problems (Lenka Bessoltseva giggles nervously in the corner) and their own self-formed opinion, especially if it contradicts the opinion of an adult, , and this is a rather unpleasant thing, which is really exhausting). And adults also have problems, for example, failing health, the need to be independent and responsible, which not everyone is capable of, and so on.
    So yes, it's hard to be an adult. As well as a person of any age

  5. Since childhood, I dreamed of being an adult, when I got up as an adult, I realized that it was not as easy as I imagined, I overcame all the obstacles with ease , and I was successful in all my endeavors every year. one thing I will say it all depends on the upbringing of my parents, I had a good teacher my father, the most important thing is that you should be confident in yourself, then it will be easy for you and others, I admit with me always three girlfriends who help me is Faith, Hope and Love.

  6. What is adulthood? The ability to be independent, the willingness to avoid and commit mistakes, and be responsible for them? It is formed by knowledge and skills. When they come to you, the difficulty of being an adult disappears. While you're learning them? P.S. What's the joke? You can't ask everyone, some people don't even think about growing up. Unnecessarily.

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