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  1. I'm always with music. Music in headphones plays constantly, except for lessons at school. Maybe this is already my habit, but I can't fall asleep without headphones and my volume is a decent 70-80% I get enough sleep.

  2. Yes, listening to music with headphones can negatively affect the hearing organs, which is proven and obvious. However, not only noise in headphones, but also noise in general is a harmful thing. If your hearing worsens faster or slower, according to research, it will inevitably happen anyway.

    I advise you to choose noise-isolating headphones, especially suitable for children – https://baby-shusher.ru/shumoizoliruyushchie-naushniki-dlya-detey

  3. I have been sleeping with music more than once, I have enough sleep for 5-7 hours a day to get a good night's sleep.

    It used to take more than 10 hours. Which affects the reduction of sleep in favor of the body.

  4. If it's not harmful, it's at least unpleasant. From my experience, I will say that after such a dream, you can not stay awake, the effect is similar to insomnia: it is difficult to fall asleep, feelings are blunted, a feeling of” broken ” in the morning.

  5. There are some nuances,for example, special music for sleep,and if you set the volume to a low level, and put the music on for 20-30 minutes in time, so that in the late stages of sleep it does not interfere with the brain,then this may well bring calmness and a faster transition to the sleep phase.

  6. In addition to everything that Sergey wrote (and is right about), a person who listens to music while sleeping will also lose their hearing. All human sensory systems have such a property as “adaptation”. This means that the system develops resistance to a constant (or periodically repeated), but not very uncomfortable stimulus. In other words, if you listen to music for 4 hours a day, your hearing will suffer. If you stay in an excessively lit room for a long time, your vision sensitivity may worsen. If every day you are slightly (but not much) asked stupid questions by a neighbor, you will get used to it.
    Fortunately, the effect is reversible in most cases.

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