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  1. Who needs it? To You. Is it worth it? Ask yourself the question-what is the use of an argument to you, what do you want to achieve with it? By evaluating the realism of achieving the goal and correlating the complexity with the desirability of achieving the goal, you will be able to understand whether it is necessary.�

    I, for example, don't need to argue with sexists, I don't care. Someone else might need it. However, if you are going to do this, then you will choose your life and need as the standard.

  2. Here's another wise thought. Never argue with idiots. First they will lower you to their level, and then they will beat you on their territory 🙂

    Why so categorically? Because everyone has the right to stick to their point of view. And actually sexism has nothing to do with it-it concerns anything. And if such a person is asked (!), he will certainly be able to justify his position. But only an idiot can argue, try to convert everyone to his faith, be indignant about this and, as it was said, “spit”.

  3. Your question already contains the answer.Нужно Necessary – when you understand what it costs. When this is a serious debate or you see that a person is a threat to feminism, it is useful to cool down their ardor and show them exactly what they are wrong about. But we should not forget that sexists can allow themselves to be assumed brutality and simply provoke the crowd, basking in our attention, but they will never take a step back, admitting defeat. I will say more, the sexist (read patriarchal) picture of the world is strewn with holes that are visible and manifest today. I'll give you some examples. A grown man who gets lost in the kitchen, in the grocery store, or doesn't know how to turn on the dishwasher is as helpless as a child. And to send a woman to the second roles or make her a muse, it takes a lot of resources that not everyone has. Such an adept of the old way of lifeIt is very easy to manipulate due to the images of a real man and a real woman. About women who have taken greater professional or creative heights than him, the sexist exudes anger. From the outside, it looks comical.

    It is true that some sexists are cunning in adapting to the trends of the times and may even recognize the need for equality and anything else that feminism stands for. Nevertheless, they remain sexist, and the dialogue simply moves more into the moral, intangible (unlike economics, politics, and law) plane, where their positions are still strong.

    So think for yourself, decide for yourself.Only, getting involved in a polemic, do not go along with the opponent and remember that now in disputes the search for truth is not the main thing… And just like that, to convince someone on the Internet-it seems to me that this is fun, nothing more.

  4. It depends on how much the case is running. There are several possible scenarios

    1) The person will leave the topic, because he does not want a conflict.

    2) The person will listen to adequate arguments and understand your position

    3) The person will start spluttering, repeating the same thing, and giving rather stupid examples and arguments.�

    In the first case, you should not push, perhaps, respecting your position, he will still not be able to back down from his (alas). In the second case, the entire literature base on this issue is in your hands, and I believe in you. But in the third case, it is better to wave the pen and leave, because here you will only spoil your nerves.

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