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  1. “No, it's not normal, you have to love what everyone loves, and in general it's fu to be like that. And Asian women are all ugly and if you like them, then you are sick and you need to be treated”

    Or what did you want to see here? Well, some like, others do not like, and what? It's normal, you taste like that. Don't listen to degenerates, anything that harms you or society is considered abnormal. Continue to love what you love: coffee, Asian women, VAZ cars or pizza with pineapples (or all together).

    PS Ornul with unique in the comments to the question, who wrote that if you love anime, then ” it's time to think about your life and change something.”

  2. Absolutely fine. Asian women are the most attractive girls among all girls. It is not enough for them to have external beauty, so they are also cute and affectionate in nature. And a nice bonus will be that they start to grow old late, remaining young even in their 30s and 40s (our 30s are already typical aunts).

  3. I mostly like Latinas, Indian girls, all sorts of oriental girls.. Ever since I was a child, I especially watched Indian movies. The taste and color as they say.. So it's fine. I myself am a Ukrainian and have been dating a beautiful gypsy girl for a long time and everything suits me.

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