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  1. All of the above is very useful to know. But at the same time, keep in mind that this is a very good state from the point of view of spiritual psychotechnics, when there is a so-called disidentification with all that you know.

    True knowledge, in its simplest form, occurs through identification, but only after the process of most complete disidentification. So, don't get lost, observe yourself, explore this state, be an observer of your life.

    Read Jeddah Krizhnamurti or Igor Kalinauskas.

  2. From Wikipedia:�

    Derealization (allopsychic depersonalization) is a perception disorder in which the surrounding world is perceived as unreal or distant.

    Derealization is not a psychotic disorder (it belongs to the category of neurotic disorders or to the so-called “minor psychiatry” — a person in the absolute majority of cases completely retains control over himself, adequacy and sanity, this only worsens the quality of life).

    Derealization is often associated with depression, is the main component of the symptom of anxiety neurosis or other mental disorders, and is also often associated with depression or neurasthenia.

  3. This happens to everyone, if you hit a good oar on the head. But in the end, everything is simple. The body deceives us constantly, we always live in such depersonalization. The bottom line is that all the analytical areas of the brain are completely separate from our Self. Each of us lives in the movie theater where we are provided with the script. This is how our brain works. At a critical moment in life or at an increased risk, the veil falls and the person sees reality. i2You.org (cit.)

  4. This has happened to me before. This stopped causing anxiety after I started doing yoga regularly and practicing meditation. I advise you to try it.

  5. I have this all the time. So what? If you control yourself, monitor this state, then this feeling: “oops, life is like in the movies” can be very cool. Maybe high.

    I recently had a bout of derealization. I had breakfast of oatmeal and marmalade and went for a run. Running along the embankment, the sun is shining, yachts are racing on the city pond — regatta, wearing headphones — Evgeny Zharinov talks about classicism, mentioning Descartes and Louis ' ankles… And it hits me: by God, it's not me at all, but some character in a movie or that writer's novel!

    So everything is ok. Don't worry.

  6. Well, what is it called-they have already reported it, but for some reason many people ignored the part of the question where it is written that this happens often.

    Derealization is still not a completely normal state, but it is perfectly normal that it occurs periodically in everyone.

    And now about when “normality” ends.

    If this condition occurs really often — it can be a symptom of certain disorders in the body, which can not be called normal in any way. And we are not talking about simple stress or prolonged depression, which are already obvious, but about less noticeable unpleasant things.

    Frequent derealization often occurs in people with poor blood vessels and circulation. And this is not so harmless as it seems. Vegetative-vascular dystonia or, for example, osteochondrosis — such phenomena that it is better to learn about earlier.

    Of course, I don't want to frighten anyone, but it's better to go to the doctor once again if you have any doubts about your health.


    Personally, it was this very derealization that prompted me to think that something was wrong. Sports and physical education very quickly solved the problem with blood circulation, and this feeling began to arise much less often. I don't pretend to be the ultimate truth, I just share a small piece of modest life experience.

  7. Derealization, yes, it can be scary, you probably also suffer from panic attacks, you probably don't sleep well, and in exacerbations you lose weight. If you smoke, quit, it is very aggravating, alcohol gives temporary relief, but then it is much worse. Swimming helped me, it relaxes me. You probably have chronic stress, you should try to get rid of it, start taking antidippers, an extreme option. The main thing is to understand that you are not crazy, everything is fine with you, it's just a protective reaction of the body to stress. Depersonalization often happens, but for me it was much scarier. If this condition lasts more than a year, still visit a doctor, it is very difficult to live with this. Health to you, do not be afraid of anything, know that you are not alone.

  8. If you do not mind, and it does not interfere, then I think there is nothing terrible. But if you become concerned, consult a therapist, this may be one of the symptoms of some disorder.

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