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  1. It's normal to be sad. It's normal to suffer.

    It's normal to waste your life.

    Everything's fine what is here in this world.

    Otherwise, the lyre will falter and sing.

    If there is a shoulder, then you are close to the road. Where does this road lead? Do you want to follow it?

    If you don't want to, then you've already taken an important step – you've left the road that doesn't suit you!

    Find the right road for you and go ahead.

    Everything will be fine, just go.

  2. Very interesting question. The only problem is that everyone has different concepts about “the margins of life”. In Africa, one roadside, in China another… And we have one who drinks like hell, and the other at three jobs plows, for the sake of his family (where the kids are not from him) and on the “roadside” only a decent breadwinner. So for me personally, the roadside doesn't fit your standards.

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