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  1. As I understand it, you are talking about a certain common destiny for everyone, and not about some “righteous and unrighteous”?

    There is not a single argument in favor of the fact that the probability of “after death a person will be forever bad” is greater than “after death a person will be forever good”.

    The probability of “after death will be average/nothing” is the greatest, according to terrestrial statistical logic, the average and ordinary are more likely than the extreme and unusual.

    So on average, you can not worry.

    If suddenly everything is always bad (we will take this outcome for 2.5%) and it can not be influenced in any way, then it is even better not to worry, but to spend with maximum benefit, pleasure and dignity the time when you can influence something and not necessarily “suffer”.

  2. On the one hand, if you can imagine eternal suffering after death, then it is logically possible. On the other hand, we can't imagine infinity – no matter how hard you try, it just turns out to be “very much”. Therefore, in the absence of empirical evidence, we can say that it is possible that a person still suffers for a very long time after death. I do not know if this is a plausible option, but the question concerned whether it is possible, and it is possible.

  3. Asked – I answer. I don't know anything about the “after death”state. I can only say that I don't believe in any form of afterlife for any soul.

  4. Of course, we can't know for sure. But I'll make my guess – I don't believe it. I find such a concept as “hell” and the supposed eternal torment in it illogical. The arguments are as follows:

    1. We can only judge in the categories that we understand. “Torment”, “pleasure”, “joy”, “suffering”, “heat”, “cold” – all this is characteristic of a living person who has a body and feelings. Paintings often depict the torment of hell as burning in a cauldron. But a dead person does not have a nervous system, and therefore cannot experience bodily torment. Living people are afraid of this, but the dead don't care.�

    2. Everything in the world is relative, so suffering is possible only where there is non-compassion. If a person (soul, etc.) suffers forever, then how will he understand that he is suffering?�

    3. If some people after death are doomed to torment, and some-to enjoy, then how to evaluate who is what? The criteria are quite contradictory even within the same religion. How many sins do you have to commit to go to hell? Does life span matter? In what units is the severity of sin measured? And if a person believes that he did the right thing or it was a “sin for good”? (for example, killing an enemy in a war) In general, the criteria are too vague to determine the “fate” of the deceased once and for all.

    Therefore, we can conclude that after death there will be no “plus” or “minus”, that is, no suffering or pleasure. Much more plausible is the version that after death there will be a “zero”. A certain state, more or less, the same for everyone and not described by earthly categories.

  5. Is this possible for you? When you decide what is important to you, the answer will come to you.

    That is, what is suffering for one person may not be suffering for another.

    In any case, suffering arises in the head, and since after death you will have to part with the head, then so will suffering)

  6. Any conscious action makes sense.That is, for what it is committed.Then I think that since God is merciful and infinitely kind, he will not keep a sinful soul in hell forever.After all, eternal suffering does not carry any meaning to a merciful and kind God.

  7. That's not so. The soul simply moves to another world, where it waits for the next birth. There is no suffering there. You just don't remember anything and don't notice the time.

  8. How�there in�world�otherwise, I�asked�the old man,�

    Enjoying the “wine” in the “silence” of the cellar.

    Drink,ответил replied,�the road�there�is far away,

    None of the “departed”have ” returned”yet… Omar Khayyam.

    Christian�God is all-good, “it hurts” disproportionately punishment and ” sin…

    And�here�flour�Consciences can be eternal…

  9. What you need to understand is this: going to the Other Side is happiness. There's LIFE THERE.

    It's a bad dream on this side.

    There's no Hell or Heaven on the Other Side – it's all religious nonsense. There is no religion there either. There is no reincarnation.

    There's just LIFE – with a capital letter.

    But when you go there, this is possible – a person will not go into the Light. Or it won't go into the Blinding Light…

    Then it can slide off the Twilight Zone. It is a world created by his own mind-ghostly and illusory, not real. Everything is possible there-Hell, Heaven, Jesus, Buddha… anything. But it will all be an illusion created by his own mind.

    Sooner or later, this mess will end and the person will come out to the Blinding Light (although it does not hurt the eyes). Then he will enter the real reality of the Other Side – there is no suffering.

    Most often in the” Hell ” are believers or people who have a complex of severe guilt. But they will also get out of these illusions.

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  11. No one called or wrote from there, and what the priests say, they are the same sinners as all the people, parishioners, believers, only everything is hidden under the dignity. What happens to the body after burial on the 9th, 40th day, anniversary, no one knows.

  12. That's bullshit! Tell us more about frying pans in hell!..Smart people, like Sofya Gubaidulina, for example, say that death is the main event in a person's life.
    Modern advanced physicists, psychologists, doctors consider life to be a kind of disease, and the true state of a person is NON-EXISTENCE.
    Remember Ecclesiastes: “… a man goes away to his eternal home…”
    And Gautama Buddha – ” LIFE IS SUFFERING.”
    So don't worry: there is no hell, no heaven, no frying pans. Do what you must, and let it be as it will be.

  13. A person makes mistakes in life,the accumulation of these mistakes leads to work on mistakes (their correction).Sometimes working on mistakes allows for “suffering”.For example, go to jail,get a sentence.

    WITHOUT making mistakes, the soul will suffer less.don't make those mistakes…

  14. No, this is a religious story. Consciousness disappears almost instantly and there is simply no one to suffer. Those who performed the operation with anesthesia will confirm it.

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