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  1. Err… And it is possible: to be a man and not to have (not to show) feelings?

    There is a very specific disease of this kind, but I do not imagine healthy men who do not have/ do not show feelings. It's something like a unicorn: a mythical creature.

  2. Man is first and foremost a man. Be specific about your life, relationships, hobbies, and emotions. Gender does not impose restrictions on a person's expression of emotions. If the emotion is true and is a sincere reaction to something, then there are no obstacles. The main thing is to be honest with yourself.

  3. how many poets and writers have written about love, how many musicians have sung the beautiful feeling… how many rappers-lyricists, in the end, tried to say something . men are more beautiful to talk about love than women, after all, probably because they hear it from them.. more amazing and enjoyable

  4. The question is more about whether a man can be emotional, show his feelings. So, the stereotype that a man should be cold-blooded, restrained and tough, it's time to destroy. First of all, a man does not owe anyone anything, just like a woman. If you are emotional, sensitive, be so. Very often, by the way, I was hindered in my life by the fact that a man did not express his emotions and feelings – and this seemed to be a manifestation of indifference, although in reality it was not so.

  5. Has the man become a unique species from another planet? A healthy person, regardless of gender, should experience emotions. It is ok. Both positive and negative.

  6. Have you ever noticed the consonance of the words “man” and “car”? If you think this is an accident, you shouldn't have. The male is “An Isolation and Insemination Machine, whose functions are reduced to continuous scanning of the environment in search of the most suitable female for insemination, as well as performing various activities within the framework of approved standards in order to ensure the duration of the high-quality existence of the female together with the fruits of the activities mentioned above. “(c) Bolshaya Sovetskaya Entsiklopedia / Insemination Machines of the Milky Way Galaxy, section Earthlings / Men.

    The machine has no feelings. The machine doesn't think. The machine works for the benefit of man.

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