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  1. What is definitely impossible is to become a cool businessman (or even a well-known public person) and continue to be liked by everyone and not do anything that would cause at least some indignation from at least someone. So if we speak from a subjective and evaluative point of view, then no.

    And if you are more or less objective, then look at American universities, founded by every single entrepreneur, look at international prizes (from the Nobel Prize to the Milner Prize) established by entrepreneurs, at charitable and educational foundations that many of them run (and which in some countries for some reason actively proclaim foreign agents) – it is quite possible.

  2. In my experience, unfortunately, you can't. You can try to be less of one.

    Business, like politics, is an area of activity based on very tough competition. If you don't run over a competitor, they will definitely try to run over you. If you don't focus on getting the most out of the deal, the other person will get the most out of it. At the same time, it is possible that he will smile, shake your hand and say nice words.�

    It is not for nothing that they say that it is undesirable to conduct a common business with a close friend or spouse. Sooner or later, either you're going to be an asshole to your partner, or your partner is going to be an asshole to you. The more you have in common on the personal front, the sadder the result will be.

    And yes, one piece of advice: keep all agreements on paper. All “honest words” will later turn into a headache.

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