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  1. It depends on such factors as: your budget, time, desire, perseverance, etc. How do you like the fact that there are more than 2000 million-plus channels on YouTube, and even more average channels, 100-500 thousand subscribers or more, everything is possible in principle, especially on YouTube, but you must not only have the same perseverance and patience that you need to show especially at the very beginning, but also charisma, as well as be interesting to the viewer and create appropriate content. You can go the easy way and light a million matches, collecting millions of views, but knowing all this, I personally do not do this, because it does not correspond to what I really want to do, so I suggest you choose two options, one of which is based on studying what is popular (at the moment, life hacks, tops and other staff) or more difficult to understand, meaningful content, blood trail. In this question, it all depends, among other things, on how low you are willing to fall (I perceive it this way), in the pursuit of rapid fame, it is difficult to combine the quality and meaning of each video, unless you, of course, have a million-dollar budget (hyperbole, in fact, you need a little less), I could write a huge list of factors, but I think I have already answered the question.:)

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