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  1. Sleep is divided into two alternating phases:

    1. Slow-wave sleep lasts ~ 90 minutes

    2. Fast sleep ~ 20 minutes
      The easiest time to wake up is during REM sleep. A person gets enough sleep after at least 4 REM sleep phases ~ 7-8 hours.�

    The formula for calculating the “ideal” sleep time, provided that you have a slow sleep of 90 minutes and a fast one of 20 minutes = (90+20)*4 cycles �= 440 minutes, from which you need to subtract 5-10 minutes, (=420 minutes = 7 hours) to confidently wake up in the REM sleep phase, without having time to switch to slow sleep

    But, these figures are approximate. For accuracy, you need to measure your individual length of sleep phases, for this you can use fitness bracelets such as Xiaomi mi band or such applications on your phone as “Sleep as Android” on Android or Pillow on IOS. They allow you to measure the length of sleep phases (during REM sleep, we toss, move, and roll over, which is what these apps capture)and automatically calculate the ideal time to sleep

    You should also consider the following necessary conditions::

    1. Don't drink coffee 6 hours before bedtime

    2. Do not drink tea 4 hours before bedtime

    3. Don't eat 2 hours before bedtime

    4. An hour before bedtime, turn down the lights completely. In the evening and until bedtime, it is advisable to avoid any light sources in the blue spectrum. This applies to all daylight lamps and computer and mobile phone screens. It is advisable to replace the lamps with incandescent or red lamps. Put the Flux program on your computer and Twilight on your phone. In the evening, they will automatically filter the blue light from the screens. Blue light greatly reduces the body's production of melatonin (the sleep hormone). And if you go to bed after daylight, then the body will need another hour to develop the necessary level of melatonin, which means the body sleeps one hour less.

    5. Sleep in complete darkness and silence. There should be no electronic watches or flashing chargers. It should be so dark that you can't see your hands in front of your face

    6. In winter, it is important that the apartment has enough humid air. Buy a humidifier

    7. Regular morning exercises will teach your body to prepare for a morning shake – up and increase its tone in advance closer to waking up. Getting up will be much easier.

    8. And most importantly-always go to bed at the same time + / -15 minutes

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