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  1. you can't, but you can get suspicious. after all, sexuality is always aimed at attribution, and not at the essence of things. And if an adult girl looks and behaves like a child , she may well be sexually attractive to a person who tends to sexualize infantile behavior. thus, the desire for infantile-looking ladies may well be a way to legally realize their sexuality for some citizens.

  2. You can't call a pedophile, but with a high probability such a man is prone to sexism. First of all, if he doesn't like smart women. This may mean that he sees personal relationships as the power of a man and the subordination of a woman. That is, he believes that the leader should be a man, his opinion and interests should be taken into account more than the opinion and interests of a woman, he should surpass a woman in terms of income, intelligence, self-confidence and “adulthood”.

    The reasons for such public perceptions are discrimination against women in paid work, which leads to a lower average income for women, and restrictions on women's sexuality, which leads to views of sex as a service for women to men in exchange for various benefits, with the expectation of preferential material and moral responsibility from men in areas that are traditionally considered “male”. But these benefits here and now can lead to the specified inequality in personal relationships or, for example, be an excuse to pay women a lower salary. Because of the unequal status of women and men in society, stereotypes also follow, when an older man's age is considered more acceptable than a woman's older age, and women are more often evaluated primarily by external data, rather than by personal qualities.

    Pedophilia is usually a consequence of identifying sexual relations with the authorities, most pedophiles in a society of gender inequality are men, and many of them do not care about the gender of the child. Ideas about women's dependence on men are transferred to children, often unconsciously. But not every man who is inclined to such views becomes a pedophile.

    The question is not that complete equality in relationships is necessary in each particular couple. The problem of inequality is that so many men and women believe that a man should be superior to a woman in various areas, including income levels and leadership in relationships, and the opposite situation, including when a woman shows more leadership in relationships or in certain areas, is frowned upon by many. It is even more difficult for a man with reduced intelligence to find a mate than a woman. The question of appearance features is more complicated. But there is a stereotype that a man in a couple should surpass a woman in height and other physical characteristics. Different people should be able to find relationships, and in any case, it is important that individual differences do not lead to a subordinate position of one of the partners, in a society of gender inequality, women are more likely, despite the fact that in many issues this inequality also restricts men.

  3. Must not. If you adhere to this psychology, then all men can be called pedophiles. A man will look at a younger and more beautiful girl, because she will attract him more with her appearance, innocence, shyness, and sometimes stupidity.

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