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  1. I think that the presence of stereotypes can not be called a positive or negative phenomenon in the full sense. This is just a given, a feature of the work of our consciousness, which is very difficult to perceive the flow of information as something completely new, not previously familiar. For the convenience and speed of thinking, making decisions, making judgments, we create in our head (with the active assistance of our parents and the society around us) such standardized “boxes” in which we put similar impressions about people, about the world, and, roughly speaking, if we see a young man in track pants and a cap, we put this person in a “gopnik” box, and we complete the idea of him already on the basis of our own ideas about gopniks in general. This greatly simplifies interaction with the outside world.�

    It is hardly possible to completely abandon this, but, of course, due to stereotypical thinking, we make a lot of mistakes-from completely innocent embarrassments to ethnic hatred and genocide. Therefore, I personally think that even if you can't completely get rid of stereotypical thinking, you need to be aware of this feature of your brain and additionally double-check the correctness of your ideas about young people in sportswear — what if that one is actually writing a PhD in philosophy?

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