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  1. Based on the question, and then the explanation to it, I can say for sure that the structure of the brain (at least the neural one) cannot be changed. We can't be completely sure how our brains work. One of the few things we can do is improve our memory and train it. This implies an answer to my explanation. Sherlock Holmes, as well as Charles Magnussen (the villain from the TV series “Sherlock Holmes”), professionally use the mind palace method. If you want to optimize your memory, then I advise you to resort to them. If you want to speed up your thinking, then you need to try to be very attentive and knowledgeable about the things that you are going to analyze. As you may have noticed for yourself, in the books, as well as in the TV series, Sherlock Holmes sees various things faster than others. This is even the subject of a dialogue from the most recent episode. But if he saw something, but didn't understand what it was? Like in the episode where he was drunk. Thus, in order to learn how to analyze something with speed, you need to be careful and understand it. And the restructuring of the neural structure is not yet very real.

  2. To begin with, Sherlock Holmes is not just a fictional character. Arthur Conan Doyle took the image of his close friend the surgeon, who has an amazing mindset and intelligence. You can read more about it here:�thequestion.ru
    Secondly, it is not difficult for any healthy person to think quickly, use graphic hints and associative memory methods – you only need a few weeks of training and there will be results. As for “changing the structure of the brain”, I don't think you know much about biology, because the human brain consists of about 83 billion neurons and is divided into five lobes: frontal, insular, temporal, occipital and parietal. The parietal lobe is responsible for associative thinking, the neocortex and some other parts of the brain are responsible for memory.�
    You say that “the existence of such an intelligence would be impossible if its skull had the same neural connections as ordinary people”, but you are incredibly wrong. What are neural connections? These are just the axons of neurons.The axon membrane contains potential-dependent ion channels. They allow the axon to generate and conduct electrical signals called action potentials through its body. These signals are generated and propagated by electrically charged sodium (Na+),potassium (K+), chlorine (Cl-),and calcium (Ca2+) ions.
    Thoughts-exchange of ions and amino acids. What are you going to rebuild here?�
    Training in memory and associative thinking will help you think better, but not “rebuilding the brain structure”.�

    P.S. You can order yourself very expensive brain implants to increase the reaction speed, but it is better not to.

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