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  1. Hypnotherapy is a type of psychotherapy.

    Laziness is, according to Ozhegov's Explanatory Dictionary, “a lack of desire to act, to work, a tendency to idleness.” I.e., not a disease.

    Is it about psychotherapy? What to treat a person for?

    Hypnosis techniques can help identify the cause of laziness in a particular case. This is not a solution to the problem, but sometimes it helps a person to change their attitude, i.e. they begin to understand where the legs grow from their unwillingness to do something.

    With the help of hypnosis, you can increase motivation for action-also not “at all”, but in a certain way. That is, you will get together and start doing something, and then, maybe, get involved in the process and try to enjoy it.

    And in a global sense, you have to deal with your laziness yourself. Well, or not to understand.

  2. The question is ambiguous.

    Strictly speaking, the hypnotherapist, through appropriate suggestions, can set some more motivated mode and enthusiasm for the activity. BUT-the next thing in this: it will be just submission to suggestions, temporary and limited to a certain area, even if several.

    If you answer directly categorically, then no, you can't get rid of it. And in cases where it turns out “it is possible” – it is not worth it; it will be a consequence of unhealthy suggestibility, that the sign of mental illness is much more stupid than ordinary laziness.

  3. I believe that it is possible, and even as much as possible. Because the feeling of laziness is not somewhere, but in our minds. From the beginning, everything imperceptibly accumulates in the subconscious and from there “from the boiling point” passes into the plane of consciousness.
    Hypnotherapy has the keys to rebuilding the psyche…fully and only count on the magic wand of hypnotherapy… it will be a little wrong…Plus the patient's will and some breathing exercises…Look at this…the pit can be easily dug.

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