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  1. You won't go crazy in one dream. But this dream can affect your worldview in such a way that you will gradually, slowly exhaust yourself, drive yourself into frames, complexes and fears, and this can lead to loss of sanity.

    The human brain is a unique thing, its capabilities are not fully disclosed until now. But a certain part of the population of our planet knows how people are able to give themselves ideas, and some pros can inspire them to others. Gradually, these ideas become obsessive, in the future you will see confirmation of this in every little thing (because the person sees and hears what he wants, and only), and then it can turn into an obsession. And then it's not far from madness.

  2. According to the theory of potentiality and the poetry of potentiality, our whole life is a dream. A strange ghostly dream that we habitually call our own life. You can't get out of this dream. It's not scary, but it's weird. Strange…

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