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  1. First of all, it is necessary to clearly understand what intelligence is and whether there is a universal “formula” that can be used to calculate the level of intellectual abilities. Oh, yes, I forgot to mention that it is impossible to realize the scale of intelligence , no test can do this, so do not believe the numbers that were invented in order to scatter us on different levels of compliance with the system's answers and conclusions ( yes , Democrats are like that). Well, accordingly, if you can not determine the level of intelligence by using aggregate conclusions, then you should not rely only on existing values. Values are only one of the factors of personality, so no dependence ( at least direct) will be traced.

  2. You can judge a person's intelligence by their values, but you can't tell them that you think they're stupid. You can make some notes in your head for yourself: on what topics you can talk with him, and on what you should not, because for example you do not have common ground and you will not be interested in discussing it together. In general, it is wrong to judge, since this is the same as dividing into black and white. There is no clear definition of intelligence, and no one has the right to assess the intelligence of another person.

  3. People with a high level of intelligence know what is possible and what is effective, but they hardly share it. People with a low level of intelligence believe that it is impossible, and often share this in any case.

  4. It is possible and necessary and exactly the opposite! Or rather, even first you need to understand that the human mind and the intellect itself are an indicator of these values, and what they eventually gave him, what knowledge and insights, what revelation he received. So its values become. A person without values becomes stupid, and as a result, the more stupid or depraved a person is, there is a relationship between these foundations of being that no person in life can change! All other contradictions are usually already done by stupid people without values in order to defile people who are light in order to appear smarter against their background…

  5. when I was little, I thought that all smart people-while not drinking, lead a rather stoic lifestyle, and are also humane and decent. and they learn well. and they like to read books. and they listen to good music, too.

    then it turned out that some C students are hundreds of times smarter than excellent students, a genius in mathematics can be a completely antisocial asshole, that you can be well versed in high art, and then kill people, and also that many well – educated, intelligent people drink a lot, enter into casual relationships and take bribes (no, I don't think that alcoholism and casual relationships are bad in themselves, and not just dangerous, but

    however, there were enough of those who do not drink and do not join and do not take.

    I don't say anything about political views at all. There are enough” intellectuals ” in the entire political spectrum, in fact, by definition, political ideas are created by intellectuals, and they are introduced to the masses by smart people, no matter how monstrous and crazy these ideas may seem to us.

    in short: no, you can't.

  6. I don't think you should do that. Because values change, and intelligence is often the” hidden potential ” of a person. I judge by myself. For example, about 15 years ago I “drowned” for Putin and actively participated in the youth movement “Going Together”. Now I remember this with a nostalgic smile, but I am squeamish about the former and the various followers of the latter's ideas. Is it possible to say that something has happened to my intelligence in these 15 years? I don't think so. But the values exactly changed by 180 degrees.

    The values of a person at the age of 7, at the age of 15, at the age of 30, and at the age of 55 can be radically different. But a person can be a frostbitten idiot all their life.

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