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  1. This is all demogogy, gentlemen. Can anyone here, on this madcap service, a service for the lost, give a clear definition of intelligence?
    I think I'll give it to you. Intelligence is a Search.
    As for the tests : they are quite suitable for rational use, and in any case, for the characterization of the mind. Mostly at work. However, there is already an abbreviation where the Coefficient appears.
    I'm talking about the KPI formula, which is simple, but quite indicative calculates the efficiency of anything, even a factory, even a cleaner )))))
    I mean, this Q app is just as useless as its content ))))
    Greetings from margrnal in the original)))

  2. In theory, yes. It is for this purpose that IQ tests are created (n-r Eysenck, Wexler, Raven, Amthauer, Kettell). Such tests (as, in theory, all psychological tests) are developed based on certain scientific facts, are tested for reliability, validity, etc.�

    At the same time, the idea of IQ tests is often criticized. Eysenck's test, as one of the most popular, suffered especially from criticism. Compilers are often reproached for not correctly solving their own tasks, for having more than one answer, for being designed for standard thinking, and so on.�

    However, IQ tests are widely used and recognized.

    Also, please note that it is better to take such tests on specialized psychological sites, or on books, because tests on common (read: popular) Internet sites do not reflect the reality of the word at all and almost always greatly overestimate the results of their users in order to amuse their ego.

  3. IQ-intelligence quotient-a quantitative assessment of a person's level of intelligence (coefficient of mental development).�
    If IQ implies an assessment of mental development, then there must be a way to deduce it. Means… there is a test that will determine. Therefore, apart from the test, there is no way to determine it!

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