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  1. Good afternoon, you can't. Your instincts aren't going anywhere. War and power struggles are one of the basic instincts. In order to understand this, it is enough to open the atlas of normal human anatomy and
    see what is responsible for what. The only thing that can be done is to create conditions in which people will fight and compete in a context that is harmless to society, for example, in video games… And even better at work.

  2. Modern society is rational and competitive. A person here considers a person (including himself), first of all, as a means to achieve certain goals. These goals often become closer to a person than any other person (including himself).�

    Striving for certain goals in a competitive environment creates artificial anger and aggression towards a person as such, which is instilled here from childhood. Even at school, the desire to be better than others is perceived (and not in general, but according to certain indicators that are in demand in modern competition).

    Man-made goals, competition in achieving them, and generally a rational approach to life are artificially created. They are not inherent in nature (including the nature of man himself). In fact, it is difficult to imagine the desire of nature for any particular goal (especially speculative). Its entire evolution can only be considered as a kind of adaptation of changeable living forms to a changeable environment, but this is not the pursuit of one goal (and if the most effective adaptation is a goal, then some arthropods achieve it best, but it is unlikely that a person can consciously make such a choice).

    Thus, it is not nature, but modern humanity itself that creates common goals for all, which then each person individually strives for in a competitive struggle with all others. And such a desire generates artificial aggression and anger that is not inherent in it by nature.

    Natural aggression and anger arise in natural life out of necessity, in moments of conflict, they help to cope with specific critical situations. Artificial aggression and anger are always in demand in modern society, since here a person is constantly in a state of striving for a goal that has become the main idea and meaning of his existence for him. Of course, not everyone is able to fully give themselves to the idea, but everyone strives for it to the best of their abilities and capabilities. That is, everyone is immersed in this evil and aggressive environment to varying degrees, but one way or another no one can be out of it, no one ever loses sight of it.

    This aggressive environment requires a person not only to cultivate anger and aggression, but also to suppress those of their manifestations that are not accepted in this environment. A person should be aggressive and angry here, but look calm and kind. From the very beginning, he learns to suppress the external manifestations of the qualities that are instilled in him. And in this situation, the object of aggression and anger of a person is largely himself (if they appear, they must be directed at someone).

    Thus, in modern society, it is possible to reduce the external manifestations of anger and aggression (which are inherent in this society) only by directing them by individuals to themselves (well, or to their relatives, with whom they are not in competition or with whom competition has other forms).

  3. It is possible and necessary to spread tolerance, loyalty, courtesy, love and kindness at the level of culture and education. But no one can make a choice for people. Therefore, for yourself, you just need to be able to ignore these features of human behavior.

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