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  1. A very general question. What does “shattered psyche” mean? There are children who are brutally beaten, raped, kicked out of their homes from an early age, etc. And this, of course, is devastating for the psyche.
    And there are children who didn't get a bike or weren't allowed to walk until their homework was done. And who believe that they were severely injured in this way.
    In short, the answer to the question depends on:
    1. Specific traumatic events in the child's life: their intensity, frequency, and duration.
    2. The presence or absence of support from other adults.
    3. The age at which these events occurred.
    4. Organic vulnerability: heredity, features of the nervous system, pregnancy and childbirth, etc
    . 5. The social environment in which the child grew up.
    6. The age at which the person applied for help.
    7. Circumstances of the current life, availability of resources for recovery.
    8. Qualifications of the specialist who provides assistance.
    In some cases, a full recovery is possible. In some cases, it is only compensation, improving the quality of life, and improving adaptation. In some cases, unfortunately, nothing can be done.
    In general, if a person works, has a family, and generally copes with life, this usually indicates that they have enough resources to restore their psyche.

  2. When people ask such questions, they always forget that man did not actually exist in hothouse conditions for most of history.

    Wars, looting, epidemics, violence, etc.

    Do you think that people at the beginning of the 20th century at least were all so wonderful, happy and satisfied with everything?) did you have educational games and parenting books?)
    As it grew, so it grew.

    That is, if the human psyche could not adapt, change, develop and strive for the best and comofrtnom-we would never have developed at all.

    What's all this about ? to the fact that you would just understand – this is real.
    it is really possible to take and be an adequate person regardless of the past or future.
    yes, this may take some effort.
    Well, what are they not required for?)

  3. I'll answer the responders first.�

    It is necessary to restore the psyche with the help of specialists. Unfortunately, there are a huge number of unprofessional freaks, and just impostors in the glade “let's fix the psyche”. So the question turns in a sense into a lottery and very often into a scam. So, not all responsibility lies with the patient.

    Now I will answer the questioner.

    It is absolutely necessary to try and, if necessary, then all your life. Of course, a lot depends on the severity of the damage, luck with the specialist and your effort.�

    Good luck!

  4. In theory, yes
    But the practical result will depend primarily on the efforts made by you personally. And both on their quality and quantity. Because working with the psyche is primarily a long process.

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