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  1. Hm.. as if there aren't people who read classics because they're classics and not because they like them.

    by the same analogy with paintings, music, and so on.

    I don't like Marvel… so what?) this does not mean that those who love Marvel are freaks and fools.
    in general, when a person divides the world into those who listen to the right things and those who are not right – this is already… beginning of the end)

  2. Boxy brain)
    And calling people names like that is certainly not OK, because everyone has their own interests and tastes in life. It is better for every second kid to walk around with a speaker and listen to rap music than to pinch “nerds” and carry a flop under the phone cover, as it was 10-15 years ago)

  3. I would say that all of the above is a sign, an unpleasant trait, but not an indicator of stupidity. Conformism is, of course, unpleasant, but not a reason to put an end to the person

  4. XXXTentacion and Creed you put on the same level)? As I understand it, you didn't bother to compare their work more or less objectively either. You talk about the quality of your music… and what are your arguments, woe expert(divanny)?

  5. You can always say what you want, and about anyone.
    The only question is-what will such an opinion cost?
    What you have described is a matter of taste,and it is bad manners to argue about tastes .
    I understand with what message you asked this question: they say that a person who is completely tied to modern culture is not a very “smart” person, because he does not try to understand what is happening around him, but “eats everything at random” . Well, this is your opinion,it has the right to exist,just remember a simple thing: criticizing – offer and argue your opinion and your point of view, without arguments, any such statement is an empty chatter and an attempt to create a conflict out of nothing .

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