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  1. Theoretically, yes. Shame is a social experience. This is a horror at the same time:

    1) behave in a way that is not “supposed” (that is, not in accordance with a moral requirement that the poor guy perceives as categorical, “correct”, “objectively-and-only-existing”),

    2) to be therefore “guilty” – that is, “bad” – totally bad, as a person, a person, is not the bad behavior of a normal person,

    3) assume that everyone, at least significant people, will suddenly find out about this and totally condemn it – with a complete collapse of social status.

    That is, shame is not so much about a” highly spiritual ” conscience, but simply about the fantasy of duty and horror as a result of the exposed “non-compliance with duty” to be a pariah in the social hierarchy, untouchable, “omitted”, despised by everyone.

    Can you deal with the social leverage of debt/guilt? “Yes,” I said.�

    You can accept the risks of social judgment and downfall: evaluate their probability, severity of consequences, and opportunities to build behavior further? – Yes! We accept the risks of becoming disabled or dying, getting out of bed in the morning, leaving the house, getting into transport.�

    Another thing is that both guilt and shame are interesting traps.

    They are deeply rooted in the psyche. Therefore, it is enough just to start denying them, that is, to stop being aware of them. And at the same time continue to experience, and then they will influence the behavior, making the person manageable (manipulations through guilt, shame are very effective!)

    It is much more promising to understand everything about shame, not to deny and not to force out its experience.�

    On the contrary, you can quickly notice even a slight whiff of this socially manipulative fear. To immediately raise your head and look around carefully: what's happening? Who is now voluntarily or unintentionally trying to control me?.. What do I want in this situation?..

    I think so…

  2. Yes. You can just score. But there will be other problems with society.
    So, first of all, review your actions, analyze them. maybe there is nothing shameful about them and you think so, just because of someone else's imposed opinion.

  3. Of course you can, Nietzsche wrote about this if anyone remembers.There is another version – all this moralizing was introduced into society only for the purpose that everyone would not kill each other for some material things, etc. (which is what instincts sometimes push). That would at least somehow restrain the cattle that have become desecrated in the region-the mass of society. It is very difficult to abstract, because children are often brainwashed from the very childhood, if they push less at home, then they will succeed in this at school and institute. At the Institute, not so much, but as a rule, by this time all broiler chickens are the same and standardized. Therefore, in the 21st century, there are no outstanding scientists who make leaps in science and human development(like the same Nietzsche who sacrificed himself). This sense of shame is hard to fight ,and no one does it. This makes it easier for the state to manage society . This topic can be very much inflated. good day

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