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  1. It depends on what you call a “thought”.

    If “thoughts” as ideas, especially as ideas expressed in words, are an endless monologue/dialogue inside the head, then it is certainly possible to calm it down. For example, focus on the perception of something here and now. Like waves running across the ocean or a bonfire burning. Do not allow your brain to analyze, focus on the perception of all the changing details of the picture.

    If “thoughts” as “thinking”, “any work of the brain, not necessarily verbal”, then I think it is rather impossible. Something similar happens when we lose consciousness or in the deep phase of sleep. But for us as a person, this time passes like a single moment, as if we do not exist in this period of time. We as people, as individuals, exist precisely when the brain is working.

  2. Impossible. It is possible to focus on something else and not notice other thoughts. It is a very common misconception that we stop thoughts with the same meditation. We DON'T stop them! We either focus on something else, or on the contrary, we give full play to our thoughts and just watch them flow. Over time, they just calm down, but they don't stop. It is impossible to stop what is inherently moving. Only the dead don't think.

  3. The so-called internal dialogue/monologue, which we call a coffee grinder (characterized by an indomitable flow of thoughts in verbal form), can and should be removed.. this is the first and most important thing on the way to gaining control and the ability to concentrate.. To understand what it feels like to not think about anything, just remember the moment when you fell.. during the flight, what were you thinking about? about nothing.. there were no thoughts at all.. It is removed by concentration training in conditions of switched-off phones, and better in nature, where worries and worries are minimal, nothing distracts.. it is removed by willpower, by setting the point of attention on the present moment, without analyzing what is happening.. it's probably not going to be easy.. spiritual training is sometimes more difficult than sports, but for that, the result is achieved much faster and one day you will get used to the lack of a coffee grinder of verbal thoughts, your attention and memory will improve, and you will gain much more..
    Thoughts in their natural form (images, sounds, sensations.. when the name of an object or phenomenon is not presented, but the object/phenomenon itself) does not need to be eliminated because they carry intuitive information and can help predict the outcome of certain actions..

  4. In the event of death, the thoughts in my head will definitely stop. Otherwise, I don't think so. Even the brain hovering is also a movement. It's another matter to turn off traumatic thoughts. It's just a filter.

  5. Yes, it is possible that most often used for this purpose is ISS, all sorts of meditations and so on, but another question is that stopping the flow of thoughts you will not achieve anything special. For example, one of the practices is to sing a long vowel(preferably simultaneously on the inhale and exhale) and concentrate your visual attention on something, first you should listen to this vowel, but then it will fade and you will look like a moron-congratulations, you have given up!

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