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  1. Absolutely possible. Strictly speaking, we regularly create them all – the so-called personifications, or “figures in the field” of real people are our mental images associated with real personalities, but not completely equal to them. You can communicate with them in your imagination, as well as with completely imaginary friends or even lovers.

    True, the difference is significant and obvious – yet the figure of a real person in the mental space has an autonomous referent in reality. A completely imaginary figure, a tulpa – it can not boast of this, but nevertheless, it may well exist as a psychic fact.

    Even to achieve a sense of the very real presence of this invented friend (what the characters in the topic call “forcing”) is completely possible from a scientific perspective, although this does not mean that everyone will succeed only if they want to. Because our brain is able to produce hallucinations – the experience of perceiving objects in their absence.

    Of course, most often this is due to violations and loss of reality testing, but to some extent such effects are available in hypnosis and self-hypnosis (which tulpovody has already successfully integrated into their techniques).

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