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  1. I would not associate the speed of development with a person's gender. There is a lot of talk about sexism, feminism, political exhibitionism and other “-ism”. In fact, everything is much simpler – the one who really wants to develop develops faster, and not just talk about it.

    Five years of experience in an intellectual club gives me reason to say that gender does not play the first role in development. The M/W ratio in our club is about 50/50, the age of men and women is also about the same. Now there is a new wave of interest in intellectual games, many of which use terms about “expanding horizons” and “pumping IQ”to attract beginners.

    Given that cool guys and girls gather for” youth ” projects in approximately the same ratio, I would definitely not assume that there is a link between personal development and gender. The whole secret is in the desire.�

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  2. The fact that girls develop faster is not sexism, but biology. Evolutionarily, a population needs more females than males to survive, so the faster a female enters puberty and the longer she stays in it , the better for survival (for the same reason, women live longer than men). I don't understand what the infringement/sexism is here? Are you somehow offended by the fact that your body develops faster by 1 year than the bodies of men?

    Speaking of trolling in the previous answer: gender is not only a psychological phenomenon, sexual orientation, as well as feelings of being a man or a woman, are laid down during intrauterine development – so rather, it is a biological phenomenon. Propaganda of promiscuity and homosexuality is not a topic at all.

  3. Of course it's sexist! This stereotype was invented by stupid male scientists who infringe on the rights of smarter and more developed people simply because they are women. They are afraid that even though they are the smartest men in their field, there are smarter girls who are easier to infringe on their rights and generally send them to the laboratory to interfere with in vitro tests.

    Nevertheless, educated and progressive people know that gender is only psychological, because only we choose the gender that we will correspond to.

    We are not medieval plebeians who are monogamous and choose sex based on the organ they were born with.

    Today, all orientations are normal and do not have any differences in all plans(scientists, biologists are just state propogandons and patriarchatodrochers). Everyone knows that gays and feminists are the future, so stop promoting stereotypes, throwing links and articles with facts. Give women their rights and forget about prejudice. Down with sexism!!!

    The vagina and body of every woman belongs only to this woman and no one has the right to violence!! No one has the right to accuse women of promiscuity, this is their business!!! Enough sexism!!!! A woman is a person!!!


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