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  1. I agree with Artem, there are certainly no halves.

    In addition, I can say that the success of relationships is largely determined by such key parameters as:

    • Physical component: mutual attraction, matching libido levels, etc.

    • Emotional-conative component: interest in the partner as a person, similar views, motivation, interests, compatibility of temperaments (we are talking about emotionality, reaction speed, nervous excitability)

    And, perhaps, from the second point I would single out separately:

    • Similarity in understanding what should be the way of life together. For example, there is a common opinion about the distribution of responsibilities and roles, how many times and where to go on vacation, how often and how long meetings with friends are allowed (especially with friends of the opposite sex), and so on.

    Of course, you can more or less match these parameters potentially with a huge number of people, and not with one “half” in any way 😊

  2. The belief that there is a special person who is meant only for us is a great hindrance in life. If you think this way, it can lead, for example, to getting stuck in a not-so-healthy relationship. Or loneliness altogether. We are all different and look for partners based on our own criteria: comfort, convenience, sympathy, and the presence of common views and values. There are many such people who are suitable for us. Moreover, at every stage of life, our views and desires change, and we want to see other people next to us. Therefore, you can meet your “soulmate” repeatedly, in different periods of life. The right people for us do not exist in a single copy.

  3. No, of course not. Halves as pre-prepared, just for you intended persons, really do not exist.

    But you can create very close, strong and maximally harmonious relationships with some people (if you know how), and thus become something like “halves”. But even in this case, you remain the closest, but separate partners, not merging into a single whole.

  4. I believe in soul mates and soul mates. However, I believe that there may be several of them, or rather I hope so. But when you meet a special person, you immediately understand that they are special, and the meeting takes place outside the box. But whether they will be together depends on themselves, on their resilience and strength of feelings. Fate only pushes together, the rest is already at the will of man. And I also think that such relationships are always difficult, with obstacles, perhaps they are given as tests, whether they will survive.

  5. No one knows the answer to this question.And the one who answers it is either a liar or a clairvoyant.Our whole life from birth to death is painted by fate.We can't change anything.If it is written on the rod, then it will be so.Everything that happens to us does not depend on us.

  6. Hi, no of course not)

    It's just that with each new attempt, your consciousness becomes more and more distorted, and you stop believing.

    If we lived for 1000 years, we would have as many such halves as there were.

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