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  1. There is such a point of view.

    Unfortunately, it can neither be proved nor disproved.

    Because any fact that will be considered in such a system of views can be interpreted as evidence, and you can-as a refutation.

    They're secret societies, and you can't tell what's on their minds or what they're trying to achieve. For example, the price of oil is rising – we can assume that this secret society has conspired to make its members who sell oil earn money. The price of oil is falling – again, a secret society has conspired to deprive the money and power of those who trade in oil.

    The war started, the war ended, the president was killed, the president was re-elected, the opposition won, the opposition lost – how do we know that this is not a cunning plan of a secret society? Out of nowhere, actually.

    If the controllability of all processes is an axiom , then you don't need to prove it, you need to believe in it. And if this is a theorem, what exactly is it?

  2. There is no direct evidence for this, there are whole mountains of indirect ones, but it is not known which ones are correct or not. The only thing that is known is that secret societies exist, but what their goals are and how great their influence is, again, it is impossible to say for sure( that's why they are secret, these societies). In general, a stalemate.

  3. This society is not secret, it is published in Forbes magazine )) even if people are chipped, what difference does it make how you are managed? What do you need TV for?)

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