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  1. Of course it exists. Another thing is that depression is diagnosed by behavioral and subjective symptoms, although it can occur both because of biochemically recorded deviations, and because of maladaptive cognitive patterns (habits in behavior and thinking).

    A diagnosis of depression can hide many different causes – and these will be different depressions with different treatment plans, but this does not mean that depression does not exist.

    It happens that others write off depression as laziness of the patient. The well-fed does not understand the hungry. One of the symptoms of depression is really similar to what people call laziness. However, laziness itself is also a complex concept and reflects only a subjective assessment of behavior.

  2. There is a difference in depth.
    Ordinary depression doesn't exist. This is just a conflict that you need to learn to overcome. For example, unemployment. I won a million dollars in the lottery, and I'm not depressed. So, here we should live as if we are already rich. Time, health, and opportunities.
    But this is the level of personality. Next, the brain level. Habits of self-oppression. The habit of living in the negative. Mindset of a victim of circumstances. Defeatism. Insults to the whole world and to parents. And third, very deep. When depression lasts for years. The problem is in biochemistry. The brain does not produce joy and pleasure. A person does not understand the happiness of others. He hates the whole world, his whole life, and himself. Next, bottom, lower level. Pathology one hundred percent. There are already only antidepressants. And NLP. Because it's a psychiatrist's patient. Such people are classified as suicidal and aggressive dangerous individuals. Such people may no longer wash. Do not erase. They stink. If you see an evil creature in the comments , this is it. Just scold them. They can't do anything else. Cursing and lying down, dying. Rejected by men and God. Demonic creatures. But we have every second, they speak obscenities, live in anger and negativity. 10-20% of the population is mentally ill.

  3. There is something that you believe in.

    Is there a bad mood or fatigue? Is it a disease?

    Why do we want to call depression a disease, and why do we benefit from it? When we consider ourselves sick, we can justify many things that we would not have done if we were healthy.

    But if alcoholism has ceased to be an excuse, then depression is still a cover for their own irresponsibility.

    At the same time, many “patients” are in no hurry to be treated.

    It is more important to understand what the disease is. And that many diseases-deviations, do not need treatment. And many diseases need self-treatment, when we ourselves are able to cope with a bad mood or fatigue.

    When we say that the world is sick, that we are all sick , what kind of world do we start living in?

  4. I have learned from my own experience that depression does occur.. Yes, even what. I didn't want to live at all, I was completely exhausted. The only thing that helped was that I began to take tryptophan, a formula for calm (it just contributes to the production of serotonin), and I went to a psychologist. Of course, this therapy took time… But now everything is in perfect order, I enjoy life again))

  5. It doesn't exist if you accept a certain point of view and believe in it. For example, how do you like the statement “I will never meet death while I am here-it is not there, when it comes-I will not be there”? So in philosophical terms, there may not be depression, but in the medical and biological aspect, there is depression, the blood picture and brain rhythms change, the hormonal background, and much more. So for me, as an advocate of evidence-based medicine, depression exists. But I can't forbid anyone to think differently))

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