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  1. Freedom is the ability to choose an action. When there are no other reasons for choosing an action other than internal ones. It is important whether this choice was made independently or by someone else. When a person has no choice, then he does not have the appropriate degree of freedom. The less a person knows about reality, the less free they are. Remember how freely you walk around the room when it's light, and how abruptly you lose your freedom of movement when the power goes out suddenly. You don't think that people who are blind from birth are as free to move as people who are sighted, do you? They are less free simply because they have fewer tools that provide perception of reality.

  2. Freedom is a concept that can be interpreted in different ways. The history of the concept can be briefly read, for example, here. Personally, I agree with Isaiah Berlin that” positive freedom “should not be called freedom at all, and those who try to do so are manipulators and liars, starting with Hegel with his”freedom as a conscious necessity”. From them grows the idea that the slave is free, free for slave labor, and he does not need any other freedom. Real, negative freedom is an objective state of affairs, you are either free to choose from external coercion, or you are not, and your personal opinion does not matter here.

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