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  1. A short haircut requires a more well-groomed appearance, expressive facial features and brighter makeup, then the girls look great. Like Alyssa Milano in Charmed. If the appearance is pale, do not deprive yourself of the attribute of femininity, long hair.

  2. From my own experience, I can say that young people (not burdened with stereotypes) even before meeting a girl with such a haircut a priori consider her (the girl) unusual and interesting, often associate an unusual appearance with a creative nature. But girls often ask “why did you cut off your hair, don't you regret it”?

  3. Everyone has different tastes.I can say that earlier when I had a haircut a la garcon (with volume) I was “more visible” than now with a square to the shoulders. For example, I was with my boyfriend in a hotel,then I left there before him,and I robbed him there.So when he was asked what and how,they asked: “but with you there was also a thin girl with short hair.”

    Or when people mentioned me in front of people they'd heard,they'd say something like, ” that's the skinny one with the short hair.”

    Sometimes people on the street just noticed that “cool hairstyle”, and once a girl took a picture of me because of my hair.

    I write an answer and admit to myself that I really was much more noticeable with a short shaggy haircut.

  4. It all depends on the haircut. If it's a square, then why not? But if this is a lesbian hairstyle or Vanya-two-slipper, or, even worse, “boy, bring us vodka, we're going home”, then you're not so-so beautiful.

  5. I judge by my cockroaches. They look even more attractive, as a short haircut may indicate that a girl prefers more interesting activities than drying and styling a ponytail (no offense). The same goes for makeup and manicure, the simpler the better. I won't say anything about the score, I pay more attention not to haircuts, but to my eyebrows 🙂

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