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  1. The answer is simple, not many people know about it! People grieving for their loss and people orphaned in half! 50 x 50! There is such a thing as mourning for those who have gone to a better world)

    On the one hand, this is very correct, many people suffer from living in this world!

    On the other hand, our life belongs not only to us, but also to our friends and relatives)))

    It is not shameful to mourn your relatives!

    But crying about yourself left in this world without this person is also not shameful!

    The truth of life is always twofold!

  2. Such a vile question,

    In fact, both yes and no, people are selfish to one degree or another,

    Kajy perceives the death of a loved one in different ways

    And at different ages in different ways

    But it is not for us to judge these perceptions,

    This is purely personal and everyone suffers in their own way,

    Loss to yourself or the deceased,

    pain that anyone can experience….

  3. It is probably impossible to answer this question unequivocally. Personally, my opinion is that there is a versatility in grief and feelings in the event of the loss of a loved one. I didn't have any worries, what will I do next? I was grieving for the person who was in my life and left. There is only a good memory left and it certainly helps me.

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