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  1. There is no such thing as bad taste. And a good one, too. The taste is either there or not. Taste itself implies a certain understanding of the subject and a tendency to appreciate something worthy.

  2. The world-famous violinist Dmitry Kogan, who performed at the Grand Concert Hall of the Conservatory at the age of 15, went down into an ordinary underground passage for the sake of an experiment: how much you can earn in 45 minutes. Of course, no one knew that this was a celebrity playing a 1764 Paganini violin.
    Few people gave money, almost no one listened, a couple of people applauded. One passerby even claimed that the violinist was out of tune!
    Genius in one environment is not understood in another.
    You can't harness one cart……….

  3. No.

    But this opinion will always be popular, because people who think so have too little reason to be arrogant because of their mediocrity.

    I won't go into a lengthy cultural and psychological rant, because this is a pit, to the edge of which people are also pushed by arrogance. (show what smart words they know: postmodernism, subjective, unconscious, etc.)

    The taste of the majority is always a compromise of mass character: movies, holidays, music, trends… which they agree to “in order to be together”. That is, not “they are together because they watch shit,” but “they watch shit to be together.”

    The example is of course very subjective. (Sorry for the word subjective)

    Often, in order to humiliate a person in terms of taste, they take the most common things: movies, music, books… the most banal, demonstrating their own narrow thinking. To understand what the “majority” simply does not have time and such a vain, neurotic excitement.

    But go deeper, at least a little! For example, ask an “ordinary person” what was the most memorable thing in their life? What made him cry the last time? What was the most unusual dream he had? What situations put him in a dead end?

    Artistic taste is not only to build a film critic on smoky vypiski, sorting through the bones of a black-and-white four-hour burden… Artistic taste is something much deeper and more sensual.

    Therefore, I believe that most people have a normal taste and probably even a good one, but they too often become victims of the art market, which distorts the picture of perception.

  4. Counting is not true if we talk about tolerance, good manners, understanding, etc.

    But when you have a taste, you can't help but realize that most people are very deprived of it. This understanding lives with you, just like the taste))

    Another thing is that you can count as you like, but in principle you should not voice your thoughts, which, by the way, applies to any thought in general. If we are talking about good manners))

    So you can pass for a smart person and stay with your own taste. You can't teach everyone)

  5. Sure. Most people are not only stupid cretins with IQ = 0, but also tasteless to varying degrees. I'm one of them. And in my entire life, I've met 2, maximum 3 people with taste. Everyone else was just like me, maybe a little worse or a little better, but still.

    This, by the way, is a typical toothless, leftist statement, the author of which apparently does not have the balls to admit the obvious, so he resorts to formalities:

    This statement initially contains an error.
    Taste is a subjective concept,so it is wrong to say that someone has a good taste and someone has a bad one.

    Technically, yes, taste is a subjective concept, and all that. However, if you take a random number of people on the street and ask them to do at least the most basic task for their taste — for example, choose a font that matches the design of a website(for example, TheQ), and offer these people a choice of 200-500 fonts. In the end, you will get a complete picture of the fact that most people have no sense of taste. At the same time, it will save you from these completely inappropriate leftist statements, such as ” taste is a subjective concept…”. Forgive my French, but this is all complete bullshit.

  6. This statement initially contains an error.
    Taste is a subjective concept,so it is wrong to say that someone has a good taste and someone has a bad one.

    But, because in order for a product to become mass-produced, and therefore popular, it must be simple and, often, trivial .
    From this we can conclude that most people have trivial tastes(if you want,you can call them “bad”, but this is not correct, as for me)

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