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  1. The universe is arranged quite simply: matter, information and the measure of the relationship between them) �

    Thus, any information has the ability to pass into matter over time, and any matter can become information.

    The easiest way to understand this is through the example of human life.

    Here are parents working on conception ) The child is not yet material, but it is already there as information: the parents present it in every detail, including the color of the eyes and hair, the smile and, of course, the name.�

    Then it is born – the information has accumulated a sufficient measure and passed into matter. Now there is a smiling blue-eyed Vanya. “Thought materialized”? Yes.�

    Seventy years later, Ivan Ivanovich walks around the cemetery where his parents are buried, and thinks: “But this place is probably for me…” The matter is still there, but it is already less and less.

    And then only information remains from Ivan Ivanovich again – in the form of dates on the monument and photos in the album of his grandchildren.�

    So the process of materializing information, as well as the opposite, is not just real, but also very clear )

  2. In the materialization ( realization) of thought, time does not play a decisive role. If at all it plays at least some noticeable role.

    There are other characteristics here:

    • clear presentation of what you want, concentration of thoughts only on the subject, the use of willpower ( to want), the level of consciousness and personal development.
  3. Everything that surrounds you-buildings, cars, planes, as well as corporations, brands, and so on-these are all ideas and thoughts that have materialized. The huge building was first born in the mind of the architect in the form of a thought.

    So yes, thoughts do materialize, but under certain conditions.

    These are both active actions and the correct work of the mind on thought processes, in particular, the constancy of desire and faith in fulfillment. You can read a lot about the materialization of thoughts in Napoleon Hill's book Think and Grow Rich.

  4. 21 There are many plans in a man's heart, but only what is determined by the Lord will come to pass.(Proverbs 19: 21)

    Only that which is pleasing to the Creator is materialized: for the righteous, this is what will make him happy, and for the wicked, this is what will be his punishment.

    I am God, and there is no other God, and there is none like Me.

    10 I declare from the beginning what will be done in the end, and from ancient times what has not yet been done; I say, My counsel will stand, and whatever it pleases me I will do.

    (Isaiah 46: 9,10)

  5. Most of us have thought and thought about fame and fortune, but have most of us become rich and famous?

    You can do anything and think about anything, but what would happen if all this trash materialized?

  6. No. Did you watch the movie “Secret” or something ? The materialization of thoughts is unfounded nonsense that people want to believe, but in practice it never works with anyone.

  7. We can literally materialize anything we want with just our thoughts, but this requires a huge amount of energy and incredible concentration.

  8. You want a car and taking two outcomes of events where you will think about how to get/earn/steal it and where you will hammer a bolt on this case, then the probability of fulfilling your desire is greater when you think about how to come to it. That's all, there are no miracles in this and this is how it works, and not how it is presented at trainings to improve everything that is possible.

  9. The answer above was given by people who have rose-colored glasses stuck to their heads so much that they are unable to realize the futility of being.

    Let me explain: try to constantly think about the pink, empty unicorn inside. Let's see how quickly it materializes. You can also constantly imagine that in Russia the president is not Putin — it will also be quite an entertaining experience.

  10. My hypothesis is that not everything materializes at once. At our level of large visible objects (macrocosm) we are in the illusion of separation. Most people think that subjects and other objects are independent of each other.

    Is man the creator of his own destiny? Yes. But whether he knows what he is doing, of course not.

    I am not a physicist, so I ask for your understanding. But if you delve into quantum physics, in some fields there is energy and information, in fact matter and consciousness. Where possible, ideas form matter. And what acts as information at the subatomic level? “our unconscious thoughts, or rather our belief system. Which then affect the life of a person, and form his “fate”. Which can be changed, but are not so easy.

    We also need to take into account the will of other actors who also shape reality.

    It turns out that a person creates reality with his thoughts (belief system), but creates it unconsciously, I say, does not know what he is doing.

    Don't just take it literally. That it is every thought that creates matter. If I purposely think about an elephant all day long for the rest of my life, the elephant probably won't show up, because I don't believe it in my heart. Or to appear, but of course not in the literal sense, but for example to have the opportunity to go to the zoo or go to Thailand, just because it is in my picture of the world and allowed by my beliefs. It's a metaphor.

    Of course, materialists have a different opinion. That the objective world and the world of spirit are not connected. Their right. I repeat, this is just my guess.

  11. If you sit and wait for them to materialize by themselves, no. If you work hard for ten years like hell, carefully planning every step – then they will materialize like cute ones 🙂

  12. I would say it differently. Thoughts do not materialize, but are structured. That is, thoughts are certain material particles that are structured by our brain during the process of thinking. As you can see, this is not scientific knowledge, but philosophical.

  13. Only concrete plans materialize, and only strong-willed people do.
    For example, I wanted a motorcycle. I thought: “Yes, it's time to please myself, I'll buy a motorcycle, get my license. “I got my ass up and started doing what I wanted to do. I signed up for a motorcycle school, got my license, and bought a motorcycle.
    And dreaming about billions while sitting on the couch doesn't work.

  14. If we start from a real view of things, then no. “Making a person happy was not part of the plans of the universe.” Any person who has accumulated at least some experience will agree that it does not always happen as you want, and plans often collapse.�

    If we consider this phrase worldviews, i.e. as motivation for actions, then we can say that it is the mental attitude that is the factor in achieving goals, from which it actually begins.

  15. True, if we do something to materialize them. A person generates ideas with his mind, and through his actions brings them to life. Unfortunately, you will not be able to control the world around you with the help of thoughts and without active actions. But I would really like to:)

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