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  1. This phrase was coined by those who want to deprive people of their freedom, and to her demand to answer “yes, you are just not wise enough, so you don't feel free.” It smells like Hegel with his “freedom as a conscious necessity”, and then Plato with his “State” is not far away

  2. I can hardly imagine what “fake freedom” is)) �

    Freedom either exists or does not exist, and if it exists, then it is real. And it is, in fact, the only significant value in life. If you don't live the way you want to, then what is your life?

    As for the second part of the question, the wise one is certainly free and in prison. Another thing is that prison as a physical place, as a correctional institution, is only a continuation, a development of the psychological and mental prison in which a person begins to drive himself through life. Therefore, as a rule, a truly internally free person does not end up in prison. And if it turns out, then by their own decision: approximately as thieves in law themselves sat down in Soviet times to support the law in the zone…

  3. we can only say that people begin to abuse their freedom when it is given to them, and at the same time stop appreciating it, and at the same time, people, when their freedom is taken away from them, begin to attach too much importance to it, to think that it depends not on them, but on the will of the overseer or God or something like that. freedom itself is a vague concept, because it cannot belong to anyone, it either exists or does not exist, and it is unlikely to have its own nature.

  4. You asked not one, but two questions. Let me break them down to make it clearer:

    1. “People don't need real freedom.” This immediately raises additional confusion about what is considered “real freedom”. Judging by your clarification about “prison”, you consider such freedom only negative freedom (“freedom from”), but not positive freedom (freedom for). Do people need freedom of movement, freedom to decide their own lives for themselves, freedom from class restrictions, from laws that degrade their personality, and so on? Yes, you do. Without such freedom, a person turns into a psychologically and socially dependent being, dependent on the opinions of others, on superiors, afraid to say the wrong thing, do the wrong thing, and so on. A person shrinks inside himself, experiencing the blows of fate and is spiritually impoverished. Only a few can survive this and remain people with inner dignity.

    2. “A wise man is free in prison.” Yes, it's true. But this does not mean that people do not need freedom. A wise person is also free in prison – this means that a wise person, even in extremely unfree circumstances, retains his freedom – the freedom to think. Free thought cannot be taken away by any tyrant, it can only be taken away together with reason.

    Something like that.

  5. Why not guess ? Go to jail and see for yourself whether this is true or not. Just don't say “you don't know” how to go to jail . No one will believe this in our time .

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