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  1. No. It would be a logical conundrum for centuries to study the correlation between handwriting and mind. And the problem with all this is only one-what exactly do we take for beautiful handwriting, and what for ugly?�

    If we take into account the fact that there is only one language in the world and it is “inscribed” in our subconscious, then it might make sense to look for the dependence of one on the other, BUT we live in a world where there are a huge number of languages and even more ways to write them.�

    If it's just that, for one nation your handwriting will be terrible, and for another – beautiful. It all depends on national and traditional preferences. �

    It's like saying one language is more beautiful than another: perhaps French is a softer and more lingering language than Russian, but it's only you who find melody in French, but not Vasya from the 3rd entrance.�

    This is all a subjective opinion.�


  2. Of course, you can not judge the speed of thinking solely by handwriting. I believe that handwriting is primarily influenced by a person's character. Naturally, a hurried person is also fast in writing, and a pedant writes out each letter more accurately. People write unintelligibly in a hurry and because sometimes the hand does not have time to record the flow of thoughts. But this is not the only reason for poor handwriting, it also depends on hand motor skills, psycho-emotional state and other factors.

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