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  1. Someone is rushing around, and someone is not. Someone is looking, someone has found, and someone is already doing well. And the meanings may be different. It is important that you can not talk about the truth here in addition to the meaning. What's the point, that's the truth.

  2. Misconception rather.

    The search for meaning requires only one consciousness or mind. Man is also given arms, legs, head, and heart. And why?

    The feeling of fullness (I prefer the name “wholeness”) is not enough for those who, instead of working with their hands and heads, acting according to their hearts and going their own way, spend the time of their lives on all sorts of searches. But for a full understanding of how it is to “live holistically” sometimes takes many years.

    No one lives “just like that”. If he was born, then there is a job for him.

    And more. When you have lived a complete life and you are not afraid to die. And those who “don't live”life are afraid of death.

  3. Along with the existence of a person, there is also the meaning of his existence, otherwise the question of meaning did not arise. The meaning of existence is not in the search for meaning, but in finding it. The problem is the difficulty of searching, so it's easier to rush around, occupy yourself with something, and then die) Let's search together!

  4. Not so. The meaning of a person's life is in life itself. Every life, and not just human life, but every life in general, is filled with meaning, even if the living person himself does not realize it. Each living being is at its own stage, at its own level of development, and solves the tasks it needs at this level. If for someone it will look like “lying on the couch all your life, sucking beer” – then this is the experience that a person needs to get. The life of such a person is no less valuable and meaningful than any other.

  5. If a person initially laid down a “program” to enter history and at certain moments his aspirations were not crowned with success, then he is disappointed and begins to rush in search of another direction where to show himself with equal success.

    If a person does not build “Napoleonic” plans for himself, but enjoys life and does not “kill” his health and nervous system, then he has no special reasons to be sad, but how a person feels is his own business and only he decides whether he should try for the sake of the “future” or should limit himself to the life of a philistine

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