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  1. Let's start with the premise that how can we be sure that a person has any “true essence”at all? Man is a dynamic and complex thing, born to evolve; however, it can also degrade.

    In general, you can learn, if you want, the “animal part” of a person, if you “swell” it well; alcohol, as noted above, slows down and blocks nerve connections in the frontal cortex, while activating the frontal lobes of the brain. Which, in fact, are responsible for impulsivity, “instincts” and other things that are not always desirable. However, not everyone – if you want, you can train your brain perfectly, and up to certain limits you can control yourself under alcohol.

    Yes, but again – this is not the “true essence”, it is not even a full-fledged “core”, but only, well, at most, “half”. A person is not only an animal with its instincts, but also reason and morality; if you still share the theory “A person is just an animal inside”, then perhaps yes, here alcohol will help “get to the truth”:)

  2. Here, of course, you need a detailed answer from psychologists/biologists and others, but I will post my opinion, formed by experience, of course. The first and only time I got so drunk that I couldn't control myself, I screamed at the top of my lungs about things that gave me away in many ways: politics, vegetarianism, and some details of my personal life. The last point is generally funny: when you're sober, you won't talk about your personal/sexual life every day. Thus, my friends only realized that my beliefs were true, because even under the degree I was fiercely proving to them why I was the only beautiful one in a white coat, and they were assholes.

    The point here is probably that you need an unclouded mind to control yourself. Every day we calculate how and with whom we will behave, what kind of mask, as they say, to put on ourselves. Alcohol blocks the active functioning of certain areas of the brain (biologists tell us better about this) – so we are not able to control our flow of thoughts. What's on the mind of a sober person is on the tongue of a drunk person.

    But to the question of the essence, I will say that alcohol alone is not enough. The essence of a person is not only in chatter. Go with him on a trip with tents and one pot for two – yes, you will learn his essence.

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