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  1. So, you “hit on” a guy and he “turned you down”? Sometimes, don't worry. Sometimes people continue to communicate in a friendly way, sometimes they stop.

    Is it worth continuing to communicate with him without a romantic relationship? Maybe it all depends on your reminders and hopes. If you expect that you will enjoy such communication, then communicate well, but if you are not satisfied with them, and you will continue to hope to transfer the relationship to another level-then no, stop communicating.

    And one more important point. The situation when a young man “rolls up” to a girl, and she tactfully “rejects” him, happens very often in modern society. I am sure that if you were in such a situation yourself, you could send a person away without offending them. But I got the feeling from your question that you were offended by the refusal. I don't know if it's intended resentment, or from incompetence and lack of tact, but think about what a pleasure it is to communicate with a person who offends you (whether it's not a big deal or not)?

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