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  1. The fact that everyone understands easy behavior in their own way and treats it also in their own way has already been said. I will add that in principle, you should not meet with a person, hoping that they will change. If you are not satisfied with him as he is, why meet with him? It doesn't matter what changes you hope for.

  2. The concept of “easy behavior” is different for everyone.

    For example, I can have sex with a woman on the first date without any problems… and then meet her for years, until the relationship falls apart due to differences in aspirations, etc.

    It would seem-here, an example of easy behavior. in fact, this does not characterize a person in any way.

  3. If this is understood as buying prostitution, then it should be understood that prostitution usually brings women not pleasure, but injuries with negative consequences for sexual desire and satisfaction, physical and psychological health. Men should not buy prostitution.

    Since we are talking about relationships and trying to change a girl, it is most likely referring to her tendency to polygamous or short-term relationships. It may also refer to a relationship with a girl who has been or is engaged in prostitution. If it's not prostitution, then it's okay, and you don't have to try to change it. Women should not be judged on the basis of puritanical morals and double standards, nor should they be labeled as “easy girls”.


    Regardless of the type of relationship, the girl should be respected and her sexual satisfaction should be considered important. In addition, this does not exclude that she may start a more “serious” relationship with a man than she had with other men. But moralizing and trying to remake it will not contribute to this.

    If the question is that she is or has been engaged in prostitution, it should be borne in mind that it is not this occupation that deserves condemnation, but the purchase and organization of prostitution. You can try to explain the harm of this activity to her, which can be a difficult task. One of the options is to recommend feminist literature on this topic, which can be found by searching on the Internet.

  4. There is a saying: “There are no ex – whores, just like drug addicts.”

    It's also worth remembering that people don't change, especially under pressure. Although they change under pressure, they are rather distorted.�

    In short, if she was a frivolous whore, she will remain so.�

    By the way, this is mostly taught by Russian TV shows, but oh well.�

    You should not meet, because it is very easy for girls of easy virtue to powder their heads and get any information out of it.�

    It is worth a couple of times to meet with her dumpling, that's worth it. Well, to lick or not to lick – it's up to you, and then the question is only in trust and moral purity. But I would not be able to lick a girl of easy virtue, in any case.

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