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  1. The answer to this question strongly depends on both the specific situation and the individual looking for solutions. Ideally, you should strive for balance, because, on the one hand, if a person lives only for today, then infantilism and recklessness will close the way to many opportunities to live life more interesting. And life itself can be interrupted in particularly sad cases. On the other hand, if a person does everything only for the sake of some goal in the future, they will not be able to experience life in the present with the risk of falling into depression. Moreover, this very goal may not be achieved in the end. In this case, it may result in a lost lifetime. Besides, as Dmitry said, we don't know how much time is allotted to us. Therefore, you should try to live today, strive to achieve something in the future, not rush to extremes, and live according to your conscience.

  2. are you sure that this restriction is necessary now? will it really have a positive impact on the future?

    to live in the present moment is not necessarily to break through your own skin, to be boundless and desperately contradict. in this case, the truth is, as always, somewhere in the middle. let there be harmony in your life, so that you do not live at a break, but masterfully manage your minutes, hours and days so that you do not feel either despondency due to restrictions, or meaninglessness due to crazy nonsense. this is a delusion of the human mind that the restriction now will give a positive result in the future, and who thinks so, he was never able to feel life and its veins.

    is the constraint really a constraint? or do you give such a color to this action – near-negative?

    do you want to live in the present moment? you live it every day, the only question is how you think.

  3. “Is it worth limiting yourself to something for the sake of a good future, or is it better to live in the present moment?”
    There can be no definite answer here.
    Because we don't know how much time is allotted to us. If you knew you were going to die tomorrow, would you apply to a university? Unlikely.

    So just choose something and follow it. And remember-a person's life is finite. And sometimes unexpectedly.

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