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  1. Well, if you consider that in my case this abilka constantly “eats up” mana, then this abilka is clearly passive and” turn off ” it, probably, it turns out only with some tricky ult, which I apparently did not pump…

  2. The main thing is to be unobtrusive…

    Good to another person should be done only at his request and in the form as he imagines it (and not you – you may have different tastes and ideas).


  3. I think this is still a passive quality. When there are more good traits in a person's character than evil ones (note that I do not distinguish between good and evil), they are more or less reflected in the general behavior of a person, both in society and in private. Activity in this case means good deeds. But Goebbels also committed them (I think we will not discuss this person). But kindness is a certain internal position developed by upbringing, self-development, and the surrounding society. For a clearer answer, I will quote Anton Pavlovich Chekhov: “A good person can be ashamed even in front of a dog.”

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